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HK C&T CPA (C&T Professional Services Group )

Since 1979, C&T is a Hong Kong professional services firm providing Statutory Audit, Taxation Services, Accountancy & Business Services, Hong Kong Company Formation / Overseas Company Formation, Nominee Company Secretary, Company Secretarial Services, Financial & Management Consultancy Services, and Corporate Restructuring Services.

Our client consist thousands of small and medium sized enterprises, including manufacturing, merchandising and building business and also companies trading as technology service provider, law firm, dental and medical clinics and other non-profit making organizations such as charities.

We have devoted our services to assist clients in providing answers and solutions that they face in the dynamic business world. Trying to understand our client's needs and using our professionalism to assist them while maintaining our independent role are our sole focus. We help our clients to grow and keep up their abilities so as to fulfill the need in today's ever changing business world. It is our aim to provide quality and professional services to meet client expectations in dealing with the ever-changing world or business, taxes, and finance.

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